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Advice is our product, service is our business.

Protect yourself, family & business with solutions that cover your biggest risks and that provide lump sums and/or streams of income when you need them most.

Grow more of your wealth sheltered from taxation and pass your wealth tax free to the next generation or charity of your choice.


 Cover yourself and your employees with coverage that meets the needs of your firm.  Retain your key people and attract new talent.

About Us

Chad J. Larmond is the founding principal who created Larmond Risk Management Insurance Inc. to ensure that his clients receive the professional expertise and guidance required to properly protect everything that they have worked so hard to build.

Chad believes that insurance planning plays an integral role within a properly structured financial plan.  We work with business owners, professionals & executives to help them in securing the future of their families and businesses.

Chad’s empathetic style and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with.
— Chris Binnendyk | President | Allseating